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Surveys for Insurance Purposes

Surveys for Insurance Purposes

Surveys for Insurance Purposes

When surveying a Yacht or Motor Vessel for insurance purposes Larsens Marine Surveyor & Consultants (LMSC) will provide you with a comprehensive survey that will cover the entire vessel including engines, rigging, hull, deck and fittings, we recommend that these surveys are carried out in a dry condition (out of the water) in order to allow us to survey the entirety of the hull, propeller and steering gear. It is recommended that at the time of the survey arrangements are made for the engine to be functionally tested.

At LMSC We strive to deliver a high level of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients, we will provide you with two copies of the insurance survey report including full colour photographs and a report written in plain English, clearly detailing any recommendations raised in the report. We can also email an electronic copy of the report direct to a third party if required.

Why should get a new survey?

Most insurance companies will require periodical surveys to allow them to accurately access the vessel condition with regards to understanding risk. as each insurance company has different guidelines on when they require surveys to be carried out it would be prudent to check with the insurance provider before accepting an insurance policy. We would not recommend using a survey from a previous owner or a previous potential buyer as the survey was carried out for someone else and the surveyor has no duty of care to yourself, only to their previous client, although it could be a useful guide and form part of the vessels history which will be useful in future surveys.

What if my survey has problems?

Surveys may contain recommendations; you can speak to our surveyors to fully understand the recommendations provided in the survey report. LMSC can assist by advising on what would be required to rectify and clear the recommendations endorsed. LMSC can also advise on the prioriting recommendations prior to the boat being returned to the water.

If you require any follow up visits by LMSC to confirm that any recommendations have been dealt with, we will provide written confirmation that they have been completed to the surveyor’s satisfaction, this will attract a small additional fee however to cover the surveyors time and expenses and would not normally attract a full survey fee.

Damage Surveys

Larsens Marine Surveyors and Consultants provide a comprehensive service if your vessel has been in an accident.

Larsens Marine Surveyors & Consultants can assist with both minor and major incidents. It is a sad fact of life that accidents and incidents occur and that these can lead to damages to a vessel. However, damage can also be caused by neglect, lack of knowledge or lack of maintenance.

Whatever the circumstances Larsen Marine Surveyors & Consultants can perform damage surveys which shall identify the extent of damage and also provide recommendations on the need for repairs. As consultants we can advise and assist in communication with the Flag State and Coastal State Administrations as well as in discussions with the vessels Classification Society, underwriters and other concerned parties. Find out more here.

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