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Diploma in Naval Architecture

Diploma in Naval Architecture

Diploma in Naval Architecture, the leading international marine and ship surveying training course by distance learning.

This Diploma course will help you develop and apply key theories and principles associated with the design, construction, repair, modification, stability and operation of vessels and other floating structures operating within the marine environment.

Diploma in Naval Architecture training course primarily supports existing Naval Architects around the world, and also aims to recruit future Naval Architects, including non-seafarers that have the academic ability as well as an interest in learning about Naval Architecture.

The course develops fundamental naval architecture knowledge, including a thorough exploration of its concepts and how they are practically used in applications from ships to offshore floating structures, both with regards to their approach as floating structures as well as the impact on their supported systems.

Students gain a theoretical knowledge of mechanical engineering principles in a maritime context and the ability to customise and practically apply this to the environment in which vessels operate and evolve during their lifecycle. The course explores mathematical modelling of various aspects of the ship’s lifecycle – from design principles to construction and operation, including constraints and requirements.


Key Information

  • Qualification: Lloyd’s Maritime Academy Professional Development Diploma, awarded by North Kent College
  • Delivery: Part-time Distance Learning
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Apply for this course via Lloyd’s Maritime Academy

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop and effectively use naval architecture terminology as a common language
  • Interpret and apply the design principles of naval architecture
  • Apply appropriate calculations and interpret outcomes in naval architecture tasks
  • Describe ship design and construction processes
  • Explain the role naval architects play in meeting legal, industry and international regulatory requirements


  • Naval Architecture in the 21st Century
  • Application of Hydrostatics
  • Ship Stability and Trim
  • Ship Hydrodynamics
  • Ship Propellers, Rudders and Manoeuvrability
  • Seakeeping Qualities
  • Working Environment, Design Basis and Ship Performance
  • Ship and Marine Floating Structures
  • Ship Design Process
  • Ship Construction
  • Case Study

Course Director

EurIng Allan Larsen CEng CMarEng FRINA FIMarEST FCMS

Managing Director, Larsens Marine Surveyors & Consultants

Allan is a European Engineer registered with FEANI, Fellow of the Royal Institution of Naval Architects, Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and a member of The Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors in addition to holding professional accreditation as both a Chartered Engineer and Chartered Marine Engineer.

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