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Marine Surveying Services

Marine Surveying Services

Marine Surveying Services

Larsens Marine Surveyors and Consultants provide fully insured marine surveying services to all ship and boat types of all sizes. Whether your vessel is a twenty foot private yacht, a cape size bulk carrier or anything in between, our on board surveys are performed with your exact needs in mind. Surveys can be performed as riding surveys between ports or during a vessels time in port or dry dock.Pre-purchase surveys, damage surveys, P&I entry and claims surveys, code of practice surveys, on / off hire and insurance surveys (including claims) are all included in our portfolio of surveys provided and are performed by experienced and qualified staff.

We also perform condition surveys of ships and offshore units for the in house use of owners and operators. These surveys assist in avoiding problems with Port State Control or Coastal States, assist in the planning and budgeting of repairs and maintenance and allow owners and operators to monitor the condition of their assets. These surveys also identify safety risks and risks which could lead to unexpected operational downtime or Conditions of Class / Recommendations being issued by the Classification Societies which can cause particular commercial problems for certain ship types. Such surveys can therefore protect not only the asset and those on board but also the owners and operators reputation.

Our Marine Surveying Services extend to shore side facilities where we can witness materials testing, factory acceptance tests at original equipment manufacturers (OEM) premises or at the premises third parties. This service provides the client with the confidence that the equipment being purchased meets with the order specification in all respects from technical performance to quantity and quality and avoids the problems faced by ship owners when essential equipment arrives on board but which is not as per the order specification or requirements.

Our inspection and survey service provides owners with a confidential report on the condition of their assets allowing them to plan repairs and class/statutory survey routine with minimal operational downtime and limited duplication.

Our inspection and survey services can be provided on a schedule to suit the owner such as monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually. These surveys allow the owner to be aware of any problems on-board before class, flag or local authority surveyors attend the asset, thus allowing repairs to be completed in house and operational problems avoided.

Our staff are also authorised by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) to perform surveys and certification for various Codes of Practice below:

  • Red Code – Code of practice for the safety of small vessels in commercial use for sport or pleasure operating from a nominated departure point
  • Blue Code – Code of practice for the safety of small commercial sailing vessels
  • Brown Code – Code of practice for the safety of small workboats and pilot boats
  • Yellow Code – Code of practice for the safety of small commercial motor vessels
We also can provide companies with a condition survey that will allow you to fulfil your due diligence obligation with respect to your staff and clients.

Private and Commercial vessel surveys

We offer yacht, boat & ship surveys for the following purposes.
  • Owner / operators condition survey
  • Lay-up and re-activation surveys
  • Tonnage Measurement Survey
  • Pre-purchase condition survey
  • Fitness for purpose surveys
  • Insurance condition survey
  • Insurance claim survey
  • On – off hire surveys
  • Machinery Survey
  • Damage Surveys
  • P&I entry survey
  • P&I claim survey
  • Client specific surveys

Damage Surveys

Larsens Marine Surveyors and Consultants provide a comprehensive service if your vessel has been in an accident.

Larsens Marine Surveyors & Consultants can assist with both minor and major incidents. It is a sad fact of life that accidents and incidents occur and that these can lead to damages to a vessel. However, damage can also be caused by neglect, lack of knowledge or lack of maintenance.

Whatever the circumstances Larsen Marine Surveyors & Consultants can perform damage surveys which shall identify the extent of damage and also provide recommendations on the need for repairs. As consultants we can advise and assist in communication with the Flag State and Coastal State Administrations as well as in discussions with the vessels Classification Society, underwriters and other concerned parties. Find out more here.

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