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R2 Pipetech UK Agents

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Inspection, Descaling and Coating

Pipes leaking at sea can cause serious issues for engine cooling, escaping toxic and corrosive fluids or drain and sewage leaking from push fit connections. R2Pipetech lining is ideal for lining, repairing and protecting scupper pipes passing through bulkheads. We have formulations for seawater, foul and sewage water, high temperature and steam applications. We even have a coating for erosion control in high temperature acidic environments.

The coating is applied through the interior of the pipe to stop leaks and protect your pipe from corrosion. R2Pipetech is the leak stop solution when you have pipes running under floors, behind partitions or in any inaccessible location.

R2 Pipetech are specialists in small diameter pipe lining and install innovative technologies to rehabilitate failing or deteriorating piping systems.
The technologies used by R2 Pipetech are non-invasive and offer cost-effective, greener alternatives to pipeline replacement.

WHY choose the R2Pipetech repair system?

  • Reduce the opportunity for Legionella Bacteria to reside in the corrosion and tuberculation in you pipes
  • The R2Pipetech process can also be used as a preventative measure in corrosive or aggressive environments.
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Lower risk of disturbance of Asbestos
  • R2 could save a significant amount of money on both materials and labour costs.
  • Lower risk building Damage
  • Help reduce or remove diry or contaminated water


  • No hot work required
  • Fast curing epoxy resin
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Free of styrene



Eurofins Construction Product Certificate – SprayCoat epoxy resign in good for strength and aging resistance (test report VTT-S-00683-18). SprayCoat expoxy resin has good chemical resistance (for example gasoline and diesel).

The SprayCoat epoxy resin has been approved as part of the Boldan In-House Lining System Certification(VTT-C-12120-17).

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