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Dispute Management.

Dispute Management

Dispute Management.

Unbiased involvement in technical disputes leading to conflict resolution and claim settlement with minimal interference in operations.These instances may include for example, a dispute between buyer and seller, between ship and stevedore or indeed owner with ship staff.In all cases our professional team will work towards a mutually acceptable conclusion in the shortest possible time frame saving you money and reducing operational downtime.

Damage Surveys

Larsens Marine Surveyors and Consultants provide a comprehensive service if your vessel has been in an accident.

Larsens Marine Surveyors & Consultants can assist with both minor and major incidents. It is a sad fact of life that accidents and incidents occur and that these can lead to damages to a vessel. However, damage can also be caused by neglect, lack of knowledge or lack of maintenance.

Whatever the circumstances Larsen Marine Surveyors & Consultants can perform damage surveys which shall identify the extent of damage and also provide recommendations on the need for repairs. As consultants we can advise and assist in communication with the Flag State and Coastal State Administrations as well as in discussions with the vessels Classification Society, underwriters and other concerned parties. Find out more here.

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