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Drone Surveys

Larsens Marine Surveyors and Consultants working in partnership with Dronworx
At Larsens Marine Surveyors & Consultants we welcome new technologies and alternative means of survey. One of the most recent developments at Larsens Marine Surveyors and Consultants is to be able to provide surveys using small Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV), commonly referred to as drones. This service is provide in partnership with Droneworx Ltd.

Our Managing Director has been active in Joint Industry Programs concerning this type of survey and is well informed of the needs from industry, particularly for offshore floating units, in this regard.

The use of Drones in survey practices can reduce operational downtime, reduce the risks of working at height and reduce the risks of manned entry into spaces such as cargo tanks and storage tanks.

CAA approved Drone (UAV) pilots have shown they meet certain flying standards and knowledge requirements as laid down by the UK CAA.

Droneworx hold a Permit for Aerial Work (No:-1859) from the UK Civil Aviation Authority:- the UK's specialist aviation regulator The CAA ensure that:

  • the aviation industry meets the highest safety standards.
  • consumers have choice, value for money, are protected and treated fairly when they fly.
  • improvements in airlines and airports' environmental performance.
  • the aviation industry manages security risks effectively.

Surveys for Insurance Purposes

Larsens Marine Surveyors and Consultants provide a comprehensive service.

When surveying a Yacht or Motor Vessel for insurance purposes Larsens Marine Surveyor & Consultants (LMSC) will provide you with a comprehensive survey that will cover the entire vessel including engines, rigging, hull, deck and fittings, we recommend that these surveys are carried out in a dry condition (out of the water) in order to allow us to survey the entirety of the hull, propeller and steering gear. It is recommended that at the time of the survey arrangements are made for the engine to be functionally tested.

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